The Primomed project focuses on advancing drug development for innovative treatment options for the chronic inflammatory and degenerative disorders asthma, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson disease.

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Asthma, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson disease are chronic inflammatory and degenerative disorders causing suffering worldwide amongst the many patients.

The common denominator for these diseases is that they are incurable. Treatments and management strategies exist which slow the progress of disease but many of these therapies also go hand in hand with a number of undesirable side effects. In addition, all patients do not respond to the therapies as expected.

Research for new therapies that could slow disease progress has identified a number of promising compounds, emerging from new and innovative approaches. In Primomed, all SME partners have proprietary compounds with modes of action that could bring a significant benefit to patients.

Translating fundamental science or applied science findings into a real therapy that can be brought to patients is often a major hurdle. Translational medicine is a relatively young area of biomedicine in which biotech and pharmaceutical companies use a patient driven approach to drug development. It is an emerging field, which focuses on using what is learned in pre-clinical studies to do smarter things in the clinic, as well as integrating clinical findings into early research. Through translational medicine and by bringing together SMEs and research organisations, the Primomed project will attempt to advance the development of innovative treatment options towards drug candidates ready for clinical trial settings.


The Primomed project is investigating four new compounds showing promise for treating the debilitating diseases asthma, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson disease. These compounds have so far shown the ability to relieve disease symptoms as well as reducing the side effects associated with existing treatment. Primomed will focus on advancing drug development for innovative treatment options for these chronic inflammatory and degenerative disorders.

The project will attempt

  1. to provide a clinically relevant proof of concept regarding efficacy of the drug candidates elected by SME’s
  2. to characterize the immune responses in biological samples generated by the research activities, when appropriate.

The project brings together four small early-stage biotech companies owning innovative and proprietary drugs and two research centres that will test the molecules in well-established models.

Primomed will result in progressing the compounds to the clinic, maximize the chance at eventual market authorization and answer an unmet medical need of millions of patients.



“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no 606084”.

Project title: “Primomed— Use of PRIMate MOdels to support translational MEDicine and advance disease modifying therapies for unmet medical needs”.

FP7-SME-2013 - Research for the benefit of specific groups